Making ends meet

This whole blogging stuff is not going very well for me at the moment.

I have so much on my plate right now. I have just started a new job, which I am working on top of my current job for the Summer holidays (I will quit my old job when I go back to university). I´m working so many hours to get myself financially stable for the new academic year, I have very little time to do anything else, let alone blogging.

However, during the very little spare time that I get, I am doing various arty-farty-type things – which I will be blogging about very, very soon:

> Dissertation – ´Pleasure and Persuasion´ (What I am writing about, how I came to it, what I am researching and my thoughts)
> The Deep Sea Exhibition (A brilliant exhibition, showcasing several specimens from the darkest depths of Earth)
> My home made and hand bound sketch book
> My Batmask

Unfortunately I have not had time to work on my website. Most things that I wanted to do or practice over this Summer has totally been put on the back burner. But oh well.

A girl has to live and make ends meet.