My Lethaby – Mood board and Animatic

I had an interim crit today for the ‘My Lethaby’ Animation Project, for which I am working with Sion.

We had good feedback, people like the idea and the style, we just need to tinker with the storyboard to make sure that our message gets across correctly and doesn’t confuse the viewers.

The lady, Judy, who is in charge with the museum and archive really loved our idea and the style that we are doing it, and cannot wait to see the results.If this comes out good, it will be put in an exhibition and archived as part of Central Saint Martin’s museum.

Mood board (similar style to Tim Burton’s Vincent, in terms of shadows and silhouettes; the saturated / yellow tinted colours; parts of the Lethaby building to be featured):

Animatic (How clear this is without me talking through it, I don’t know. But it’s here anyway.)

Sion and I will commence filming this next week, with the final hand in on the 11th. But first, I need to go to sleep .