‘Perfect’ (apparently)

Friday’s crit went rather well I think. It was on our title sequences (i.e. the cheese titles), and seeing as it was my idea and I did the main ‘Single’ title, I felt the pressure quite a bit. There was a lot of talk about the actual film, funnily enough Suzi had similar views as Esteban, but the way she puts them forward and explains herself is much better, so in way, I respect her views a bit more… ANYWAY, when it came down to critiquing the title, Suzi said, and I quote:

‘…and the titles, they’re perfect, they say the title, well executed, fit in with the film. Perfect.’

So seeing as it was my idea, I am very chuffed with this response, and has given me confidence for my projects in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, as promised, here are my Palindrome Magazine photographs, enjoy (hopefully) and all comments are welcome.

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