Pleasure and Persuasion Presentation

Tomorrow, I have a presentation to deliver to my Moving Image Group and tutors. For the presentation, I have to say what I have been doing for my dissertation, the research that I have done and my ideas. Then, what I want to do as my studio piece for it.

I’ve already had the first draft hand in and have come to my conclusion. I will be given my feedback on Tuesday.

Here is my quickly drawn up presentation:

Already I have found these videos which I would like to use as inspiration. I am going to be posting them to my blog for easy book marking for myself and they might be of interest to you too.

Stop Alien Abductions – Website

Furthermore, I want to look at paranormal type programs too.

Also, I’ve seen somewhere infomercials from the Fallout game series. And I cannot for the life of me find them! So, I know a few of you are avid Fallout gamers, if you could lead me in the right direction, that would be smashing!

Hopefully, this research, plus tomorrows group discussion will lead me to a great finished project!