Sherlock ‘His Last Vow’ as an 8-bit video game for BuzzFeed

Here is my second contribution to BuzzFeed, this time turning the finale of Sherlock Season 3 into an 8-bit video game:

1. We are introduced to Charles Augustus Magnussen.

… and he loves to lick faces.

2. Watson makes us swoon as he heroically enters a crack den to find his friend’s son.


Though, he wasn’t planning on finding ‘Shezza’ there too.

3. Sherlock has a girlfriend?! WTF?!


Watson’s face says it all.

4. Then THIS happened.


Mary Watson shocks the nation.

5. Sherlock uses his mind palace to help him survive.


Oh, hi Moriarty!

6. Magnussen likes to flick faces too, it seems.


7. Sherlock shoots Magnussen.


Our hero!

Here is the link to the full BuzzFeed article.

I was also pretty damn pleased to find that my animations had been featured in a news video by What’s Trending:

That’s it for the Sherlock series for a year or two, but I am in production of another set of GIFs for another very popular TV series. You won’t want to miss it 😉