SONY Briefing

Ok, depending on whether or not you read my Twitter statements, you may or may not know that the Sony briefing at the Sony Music Headquarters in London got changed to last night, instead of Thursday, which I would not have been able to go to as I am seeing Marilyn Manson on Thursday.

I was most pleased when they told us that it changed as you can imagine.

The brief: To create an original and arresting visual installation that illustrates the musical history and heritage of Sony Music from 1888 to the present day. Your design will be housed in Sony Music’s Kensingon Headquarters. [Where Simon Cowell and other such delights are may I add 🙂 ]

Here is my evening:

> 6.45pm Got to Sony Headquarters in South Kensington

> Lifts to go the the reception Area

> Reception Area 1

>Walk to the Cafeteria – Offices on the right

> Cafeteria – Permenant Projection on that wall

> Free Bar!

> ‘Budvar’ (which was actually really nice!)

> Myself

> My Housemates and fellow Graphic Design students

> Cafeteria Scene

> Presentation / Briefing

> ‘The Trio’ (Group name from our Hugo Boss days)

> On the bridge / Walkway – views from above and offices

> Reception Area 2

> Offices at the end of the bridge (yes they have Knight’s armor and a plastic horse in a pen…)

> The toilets – I couldn’t get over that they had moisturiser too (and a nice one at that!)

> A couple of Budvars later and there is fun to be had in the toilet, and then were the last ones to leave the building. Woops!

All in all it was a really great experience – to see what it is like in the headquarters for such a famous and prestigious corporation. It really is such an honour to be working with them. I better get cracking on ideas!