Thank You For Coming To My TED Talk

This weekend I got to do probably the coolest (and nerve-wracking) thing I will ever do in my career. I gave a TEDx talk.

Holy. Crap.

The whole experience was wild, from the first time I stood on the famous red dot during my rehearsal, reciting and practicing my speech what felt like a thousand times for the past few months, only being able to eat one falafel ball the entire event day because I was so nervous, meeting incredible speakers who I had the honour to share the stage with, being counted down to walk out on stage and being blinded by the lights, the sheer adrenaline I felt coming off stage, and what’s even better, is that it went great! Well, I think it did because I don’t *actually* remember all that much, but I got such awesome feedback from the audience members. There were OVER A THOUSAND of them, not including it being streamed live online.

Also, check out this illustration by Robert Kiss, who made a wicked visual representation of my speech:

If you can’t decipher what I spoke about from the illustration above, the whole TEDx Bucharest event was around the theme of ‘Metamorphosis’ and I spoke about a subject very personal to me: knowing when to embrace change and when not to change despite the world being so demanding of us, and how innovation comes from individuality.

I am so delighted with how it all went and am very proud to be able to tick such a big thing off of my bucket list. Be right back, just updating all of my social media and having a well needed beer!