The Box – film review

Last night was my mum’s birthday, so the five of us went to the O2 (what used to be the Millennium Dome) and saw ‘The Box’ with Cameron Diaz and the bloke who plays Cyclops in X men. I didn’t particularly want to watch it as the trailer looks like its a rip off of the Saw saga. However, the majority decided to go see it, as opposed to Paranormal Activity, which I would have definately crapped myself watching, but still wanted to see it. My gran wouldn’t have wanted to see the hand held horror and the timing of the film would have been a nuisance.

So The Box it was.

I was very pleasantly surprised by it, and most importantly, im glad I went to see it. It went to depths that I did not expect to that of sci-fi, and even even made me reflect on the nature of humans. Even though it is a very slow start, and quite boring, I was still captivated the whole way through it.

What is the box? What does the box do? Who is the guy with a quarter of his face missing? Why are people’s noses bleeding? So many questions, but many are left unanswered. Not in the way that you are left feeling disappointed, but allows you to draw your own conclusion and is great to discuss with whoever else have seen it.

It is based in the 70s and is shot like a 70s film – the soundtrack and pacing is very reminiscent of The Shining, but still totally different.

What can I say? I went in thinking it was going to be rubbish and left feeling like I had entered the twilight zone.

Shame on whoever made the trailers for it, as they really do not do it justice and show you how deep it goes. I recommend everyone to see it atleast once, either rent it or buy it when its cheap on dvd.

Oh and check this out:

The new Alice in Wonderland trailer! I wasn’t too stoked when I saw the teaser trailer, but seeing this and the fact that it is not the same story that we all know and it is Alice going back to Wonderland has really got me excited – definitely seeing that in 3D!