The Disappearing City – D&AD Brief

Here is my thought process for this brief. It is quite complex, and I have tried to explain it as well as I possibly could.

Ok. So, the plan.

Our idea is that we want to create an ‘Organisation’ that has built its own city. This organisation believes in the Quatrains of Nostradamus (who, in the 1500’s I believe, predicted several disasters, including 9/11, the rise of Hitler, Napolean’s reign, and the death of Princess Diana – for more info: Nostradamus101). Now, Nostradamus has predicted World War 3, and the end of the world. Therefore, it wants to build a city that would be protected from the inevitable Nuclear bombs etc, and also to make a sort of Metropolis which takes all the good points from current existing cities and just tries to make this city, the ultimate place to live.

Still following?

Right. The head of the organisation will belong to a cult (like the Free Masons etc.) that lives their lives by the prophecies of Nostradamus. Their colour will be purple. So to get into this city, one will have to pass an ‘initiation’. If you pass, you get to live in the city,  – if you fail, you can neither go into the city, nor come back out – what happens to these people? No one knows or realises.

So. Ni and myself will, as a performance, try to create this organisation. Ni and myself will be the heads of the organisation, which we have named ‘AN-Civic’. Civic is another term for ‘city’. AN is the beginning letters of both our names. However, the ‘AN’ will be pronounced as ‘aeon’, which means eternity (which hints at the fact that once you’re in the city, you’re not coming out; a city that lives forever; and so on). The infinity symbol will be part of our logo.

Logo Designs:

We prefer the second logo and the purple too.

On Friday we have to pitch our project to the tutors, which is when we will start our performance, as we are in production of a presentation (in character of the leaders of AN-Civic) trying to persuade them to come and live in our city. This will be filmed and eventually put on the AN-Civic website that will be created. However, during the presentation, there will be one ‘bad’ slide, hinting at the fact that AN-Civic is run by the ‘Cult of Nostradamus’ (name tbc – abbreviated as ‘CON’ – see what I did there 😉 ).

Only the edited version will be posted on the website. The full version will be posted on the blog site which will be created, that is dedicated to the conspiracies and theories about the AN-Civic / CON link. It will also include posts by people who have had friends and family go missing / lost communication with, once they entered the city. One final post would be a documentary by two people who have decided to sneak into the city and bring to light what is going on in there – unleashing chaos.

For AN-Civic, we need:

> Posters

> Leaflets

> Postcards

> Website

> Filming of speeches in crowded areas (likely to be me…)

> ‘TV Adverts’ (Ni’s poem linked to this in voice over?)

> Architectural plans

> Poll of what people think is wrong with the current city they live in – information graphics

> Name badges / ID cards

> Passport

> Leaders always wearing purple


> Quatrains of Nostradamus book (like a bible)

> Paparazzi style photographs – holding Quatrains Book / Infinity symbol etc.

> News reports / videos of people asking questions (i.e links between ANC and CON / why always wearing colour purple – “it brings out my eyes” etc.)

> Stories of people going missing (get loads of people to post for variation)

> Conspiracy theories

> Video documentary

> Documents found

> Brainwashing video

> Advertise blog via guerilla campaign – stickers, leaflets, cards, graffiti, word of mouth

So yeah, I think that is everything. I know that we somehow need to consolidate this into one final moving image piece, but that will come later I suppose. Possibly a documentary on what we have done, or the fall of AN-Civic. At least this way we are hitting all of the requirements of using different mediums, and really engaging the public so that they are part of it, even though they don’t realise it.

I hope you understood everything I have wrote! And please, give me some feedback!