The Dove Project

It has been a while since I last updated on how the Dove project (for the Kodak competition) went.

From the last time I posted, my group and I had just 11 days to have our project authorised, a story board finalised and shot to film using one of these nifty little things:

I present to you, the Bolex Camera:

Bolex Camera

I am pleased to say, that we did it. Even though the words from our tutors were (and I quote this) ‘That will have to do, you’re just going to have to go with that storyboard, we have no other time’, we managed to shoot it all with days to spare.

My lovely pal, Reiss Cleal filmed a ‘Making Of’ video for Day One of our shoot (click 1080p for full HD):

Here are photos of our production Day Three:

I was in charge of talking to the models, to keep them relaxed during filming

The lights get very hot…
Day 3 Crew

That’s a wrap!

So in three days (I couldn’t film on the second day for this reason HERE) we went to four different locations, took four rolls of film, which amounted to approximately 12 minutes of footage. Let’s just hope that the film came out OK!

The next time we will be working on this project will be in the New Year, when we are back at uni. During this time, we will be editing! (In other words, sitting in a dark, tiny room for days on end…) Oh joy!

Thank you to everyone who helped out one way or another!

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