The magic of fiddling around…

Things have been pretty busy.

Well first of all, the footage for the Burger video wasn’t as good as we thought it was… Things looked a bit flat and don’t really edit well – and the background noise of the speech really ruins it… One of the tutors disliked our first assembly cut pretty much straight away, said that our actress isn’t photogenic enough, and that we should get a better looking actress with stage presence and charisma. A bit harsh I think!!

(I’m having touble uploading to youtube at the moment – it keeps blacking out the first visuals…)

Well anyway… Things weren’t going too well as you can imagine. The four of us sat in our little editing suite (which should only hold a maximum of two people…) and just stared at the screen and said nothing. We just didn’t know what to do… So I called for a lunch break, so we could go off on our own and come back with fresh ideas. We came back, and still, nothing. Until Sophie started searching through our rushes and found that if we speed up and reverse our macro footage of burgers cooking etc… it looks awesome! And personifies the burger too! So we have a whole new plan now, we have done some tests which the tutors really liked, photo studio and good looking actor (what a terrible world we live in) was booked for Thursday afternoon, so hopefully, something good will finally come out of it all!

I’m also very relieved – as explained on the last blog, I was given a 16 page magazine about doubles to design and make for Thursday, and I chose the theme on palindromes. No way would I have been able to have done it all – with out it looking rushed, and well… awful… But on the day before, I was told by a couple of students that we have been given a week extension! So I was obviously relieved of the stressed and am looking forward to producing something good. My drawing and illustration is coming along very well – I’m a lot more confident, can do things free hand now and I think I’m getting more of a style.

Some illustrations:13112009272




Last week Thursday, I went to fireworks night in Walthamstow, took loads of photos of the fair ground and the show, and managed to get home without being mugged for my camera.

Monday, I was really happy to be going out with the guys – Reiss, Scott and Tom – around London at night, where we went to Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. I learnt a lot about photography and my camera in just that one night, so I’m really pleased with myself πŸ˜€

Scott, Reiss and myself

Uni is going great. My drawing and illustration is going great. My photography is going great. Things are just great… πŸ™‚

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