United States of BuzzFeed

As part of my introduction to BuzzFeed, I was flown out to New York to spend 5 days working and learning in the US BuzzFeed office. BuzzFeed in the UK is only just becoming mainstream, so when I walked into the Madison Square office adjacent to the Flatiron building (that I affectionately call the Daily Bugle) and saw the 500-strong team, I finally realised just how big BuzzFeed is and what I was getting myself into.

To summarise my week at BuzzFeed NY, I’ve decided to make my own list of:

8 Reasons Why I Am Really Bloody Excited To Be Working For BuzzFeed

1. BuzzFeed is A LOT bigger than I had realised


As I have mentioned before, BuzzFeed in the UK is only just starting to become a big thing. Currently there are about 20 people working in the UK including myself and in just a few years time, we are expected to scale to the magnitude of NY’s 500+ team. That is scary and exciting as hell. To have the opportunity to see and experience a company expand like that is truly remarkable.

2. The people are genuinely lovely…


…and just as happy and excited to be working here as I am. Some of them have been working here for a few years, some just a few months, and the same thing keeps being repeated: everyone loves working at BuzzFeed.

3. And live and breathe BuzzFeed and the Internet

In front of a giant meme-mural

In every job and internship I have had prior to BuzzFeed, people’s jobs are literally just that: a job. People watching the clock tick by until they can go home and doing things because that have to, not because they want to. As much as I truly believe that everyone should go home and have a personal life, I also believe that if you are working for 40+ hours a week, it should be in an environment that you enjoy and want to spend those hours in. Otherwise, what’s the point? I definitely get that good vibe here. The walls are decorated in BuzzFeed brand and memes of the internet, and meeting rooms are called after famous internet cats. There is definitely a sense of pride and celebration throughout the office.

4. Famous people come to visit!


Yup, that is THE Hedwig. Yes, this was in the UK office and the US lot get a lot more famous people drop by, but we are only small at the moment, OK?

5. There is So. Much. Free. Food.


Seriously. There is free lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I’m not talking about an anaemic cheese and ham sandwich here. There are also lots of snacks. In the UK, we have a snack wall and fridge full of sodas, crisps, chocolates and such. In NY there is a snack ROOM with unlimited Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a Fro-Yo machine. I’ve predicted what my future self will look like and it’s not far off Jabba The Hutt.

6. And free stuff!


Here’s me in a BuzzFeed beanie looking really jet lagged. I’ve also got a hoodie, a tote bag, notebooks, pens, stickers (lots of stickers) and I hear BuzzFeeders get awesome gifts at Christmas too. I would love a Batmobile.

7. I get to be myself


As you may or my not know *cough*, I love Batman and all things comic book, film and video game related. In previous groups and jobs I have had to somewhat suppress my fandom for fear of blank stares and side-eyes. But this lot just get it. It might be because everyone has their quirks and embraces / understands everyone else’s because of that, but I am genuinely worried that my Batman obsession might just get out of hand now.

8. I am trusted to do the work I love


This is the important one. I love the kind of work I do. Nothing makes me happier than to push pixels together to form an 8-bit sprite or to spend hours cutting up bits of paper and making a huge mess. And I get to do that here. I am trusted that I know what I am doing and what is best for a post. Even though my BuzzFeed career is only a few weeks old, no one has spoken to me condescendingly or made me feel inadequate. I genuinely feel like I belong here. Ok, I know working with clients can and will be difficult a times, but ultimately I am working with a team of dedicated people who wants to bring out the best in each other and make the best post. What more could I want? Apart from that Batmobile, obviously.


Want to work here too? Keep an eye out on this BuzzFeed jobs board.