Urgh 3 projects at a time…

Okie dokie, it has been a week since I have blogged now, so time for a little update.

I finished the ‘This is Me’ project, which I am kind of happy with – it still needs a lot of work done on it to get to the standard that I would like it to be. However, I did it in 2 days so I think I have done pretty well considering the time limit. It’s just one of those things – like a couple of other projects – that when I have time and am not working to a deadline, I can just refine some parts. We didn’t have a crit at the end of it, it literally was just to introduce our selves.
On the same day that I gave in this project, I got a new project – to create a Book teaser trailer based on any book that I have read which is due on the 26th October. Easy yeah? Well, it has to be typographical with little or no live action footage / things that are not typography. I was a bit stuck as I haven’t actually worked that much on typography before and I don’t want to copy the usual kinetic typography movies that are about at the moment. But I have an idea and have spoken to two of my tutors who reassured me and gave me some pointers, so I am ready to rock!
As well as this, I have to create a Zine based on my book for this Friday and a poster for the 29th. So I am really busy. I’m finding it quite difficult to juggle 3 projects at the same time as I have never done it before and prefer to give my all to one project at a time. But I have to do it, so there is no point in me moaning about it.
I went to see Disney Pixar’s UP in 3D on Wednesday – I highly recommend this film – the story is great and had me almost in tears at the beginning and then giggling for the rest of the time. It is just visually stunning with the great attention to detail and the colours which swallow you into the world that has been created. 5 stars for definite!! I also really liked the animated short before the actual film – it was something to do with clouds and storks and was just mesmerising and made me smile throughout. Well done pixar!!
Well, I better get back to my project(S) now or I will get myself in a panic.