Video CV Competition Entry

Yesterday I entered the My First Job in Film Video CV competition with this short video I made:

In just 15 hours, I have had an absolutely outstanding and overwhelming response to my Video CV and am currently in the lead, even though the competition has already been running for a few weeks now.

However, I still need to win more votes as the competition continues for another couple of weeks and I really want to secure this amazing prize:

We want to give one lucky new entrant the Royal Treatment. We will put all our energy to work, sending their CV to ALL our contacts across the industry, from Directors, Producers to Sales Agents and Editors, with the sole purpose of finding them a job or work experience, whatever, in the area of their choosing. We will help get them into the industry and launch their film career.

The winning video will be labeled our ‘Candidate of the Month’. Your application will be recommended and passed on to ALL of our industry contacts, from producers, directors, and sales agents to DOPs!

PLUS you will be featured on our homepage which every company and production views.


Launching my career in the film industry means so, so much to me.

I absolutely adore film and moving image. It makes me go all giddy with excitement.

I believe that I would make a fantastic inclusion to any studio and production – but the industry is definitely a tough nut to crack! Which is why this prize is worth more to me than anything else.

So please, visit and click ‘Like’.

2 seconds it takes and that’s it!

Thank you to all who have voted already and thank you to everyone who votes from here on!

And if you really like my Video CV that much, please share it and the voting link with the world!

(Please note, you do have to have a Facebook account to vote and it tends to not work on a mobile phone!)